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Faculty logistical meeting and to-do list

by Elsa Cleland last modified 2008-01-08 14:45

Summary of notes from Jan 8th noon-1:30 Marratech meeting

During the logistical meeting we spent most time trying to decide when to meet for the webcast lectures.  See the page in course logistics to add the times that work for you.

We also wanted to know more about how we could use Marratech for "office hours," does NCEAS pay per seat?  Can students download the free software and join the NCEAS meeting room?  Elsa will send email to Shaun/Mark and cc everyone.  We need to check to see if it makes sense to buy USB phones or microphones for the class portion.

We discussed a bit about whether we need to put new datasets together for the Capstone meeting, especially since we have a couple of TAs (Jason at UCSB, Katie's TA at UCI) that can help with this effort.  We should think about what cool spatial questions we can ask, and we need to decide this soon.  Let's have a web meeting again after the first week of classes.

We also need to have a "dry run" during the week of Jan 15-20, with everyone on Marratech and someone "leading" the power point to see if it works.

To do list:

1. Make data slides – 2 slides per dataset, one with an image, one with lots of info: what data are contained, pubs, weblinks, contact info – send to Jason (cc'd on this email) to integrate and post on the website in a folder for lecture week 1B.

2. Prepare to help your students get a dataset posted as a morpho file on the workspace - this means that you need to get your data and metadata in order. Pick one or a couple of datasets that you are totally comfortable sharing - you will be able to include a note saying that authorship is required if the data are used, or other such qualification.

3. Start posting readings, exercises, links etc in folders corresponding to our own lectures. Obviously the power points will come later (e.g. right before your lecture).

4. Make sure that you can webcast from your classroom- please contact Jason or Shaun if you need help.

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