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Cross-site synthesis meeting

by Jason Kreitler last modified 2007-11-15 16:50

Notes on synthesis meeting discussion – not cleaned up!

21 people – 3 groups of 7
Or 2 groups of 7 students each
3 different kinds of activity - could do all three, or pick 2
synthesis of big data sets
conceptual/theory/modelling group

Meta-analysis of the predictive value of traits to predict response to environmental change: how good are traits to predict response to different variables – nutrients, water, temperature, CO2

a priori prediction success would be highest in nutrients, then water, and little or not at all for CO2 and temp

Does the position of a population relative to species geographic range predict its responsiveness to change – pops at northern limit vs. southern limit. If this was true, it would mean that intrinsic species traits are not predictive, because species response would depend on location of site relative to its range

This might be a proxy for temp tolerance, would it work for water?

Scott: Does response to decrease in a resource predict response to increase?

Integrate Vegbank plot data with USDA plants – plot data as samples from regional (county-level?) pools – to test filtering

Group task:
give them species lists – set them to find as much trait data as possible

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